Our Spring Term’s Work

In March, our class council members visited classes with a questionnaire to find out what we knew about our school including our Enhanced Provisions, including KS2 Woodies and KS2 Oakies these are the following questions and answers.

First we asked how many classes we have at Oakwood Avenue: The answers ranged from 19 – 24, our class council members will come round with the correct number next Tuesday. There are 24 classes in total and there will be 25 in September 2018 with an extra Year 6 class.

Next we wanted to know what the students thought was the same about our classes?    The most common answers were: they all have TA’s, they all have the same equipment, the lessons, and the children are all treated the same and the behaviour charts are used well throughout the school.

Our 3rd question was to find out what is different about our classes: The answers that came up the most were: the amount of children, the teaching strategies and the layout of the classroom.

We then moved to ask students what they  know about KS2 Oakies?  These are the answers we found: they have different amounts of children (11), they have extra support during lessons and often do different activities in the afternoon plus children think they are taught in a different way.

Our 5th question was: What do we know about KS2 Woodies?  The most common answers that came up were: they have difficulty handling their emotions and need help with it, they have a kitchen in their class, and they have less in their class (11), they have 2 classrooms and they have a calming down area. It can also be a place to go to feel safe when you have any difficulties either at home or in your own class

Our 6th question was: what links can we make between classes? The answer that came up the most were: be nice to people if they’re upset or losing their temper, children to go up or down to different classes and KS2 children to buddy up with KS2 Oakies and KS2 Woodies or the infants.

Furthermore we wanted to find out what links can we make with KS2 Oakies and KS2 Woodies? In our school council meeting, we discussed this further and decided on this: we could go downstairs to KS2 Woodies or upstairs to KS2 Oakies and join in, in their lessons and we can use a buddy system. Encourage people not to make a judgement on children just because they are out of our mainstream lessons. We should respect their classes by spending time in their learning spaces  as well as expecting them to come into our mainstream classes all of the time

Finally we would like to know your ideas for how to celebrate between classes? The most common answers were: the pot of gold / behaviour chart, star of the day, special mention and special days at school (birthdays).  Most of which we use frequently at the moment but could maybe make it more consistent across the whole school.

Action next is to feed this information back to classes through class council meetings.

Written by Grace Gamble, Deputy Head Girl (Year 6)