Your Most Memorable Learning Experience


Mrs Lavery (Curriculum Lead) is reviewing our Oaky Curriculum with a team of teachers. She wants children’s opinions to find out which have been their most fun and memorable learning experiences throughout their time at Oakwood. Next week, she is leading a staff meeting where she will be reviewing the curriculum with teachers so needs the information for then.


‘What has been your most memorable learning experience ever in our school? And why?’

What the Oaky Voice said:

Summary of WWW (What Works Well):

•Spelling books
•Science/moon rocks
•Fire of London
•Going out with Active Hope
•Handwriting practice
•Art on water
•The Hungry Caterpillar story and watching
•Walking day
•Love playing with toy cars
•Playing outside
•Bike Right
•Role play
•Avatar/ Pandora
•Hip hop Johnny
•Learning about space
•Victorian day
•Outside PE
•Chester zoo visits and all visits
•Science and practical activities
•Lexia for our reading
•Zog and the space topic
•Crime & punishment topic
•English and the books we use

Summary of EBI (Even Better If)

•More drama when doing topics and practical lessons as there is always a lot to cover
•More outdoor PE &  outdoor learning
•Learn more about nature
•More games during lessons
•Different after school clubs
•Virtual reality clubs
•More art
•Learning more about dinosaurs

What we are going to do:

Mrs Lavery and Miss Coates presented School Council opinions to teachers plus the opinions from Parents’ Board.  Teachers are aware and then Class Council Meetings will be held next week to share the findings.