Homework Review


Governors of our school were due to review the Homework Policy so it was decided to gather the views of all stakeholders about homework across the school. Miss Coates used Parents’ Board to gain the views of parents, a questionnaire was sent out to staff for their opinion and School Council began to gather the views of children throughout school. Our governors were given the opportunity to attend any of the meetings involving homework as part of their work on the Learning Committee.

Libby Hughes offered to write the blog for this question and e mailed it to Mrs Reilly for publication. Here it is below:


What do you think about homework?

What the Oaky VOICE said:

Summary of WWW (What Works Well)

  • It shows parents what you’re doing at school
  • Warms up your brain for the next day
  • Home visits (for the younger ones)
  • Reading raffle tickets
  • Working with family
  • Extra practice
  • Reading still needs to happen every day

Summary of EBI (Even Better If)

  • Online homework
  • Emoji stickers (if it’s good work)
  • Art homework
  • Less homework
  • More variety
  • No homework
  • If you work hard enough in school, then you don’t get homework
  • Step by step instructions on how to do method on the school website
  • No hand writing homework


What we are going to do;

We will be trying to make the homework we get every week more varied, although we will be keep year 5 and year 6 homework the same as it is leading up to the SATS.

We have also spoken to the Parent’s Board and they have agreed with our decision.

School Council members were invited to pitch their idea to staff at a staff meeting on Wednesday 22nd March. Emma Lister, Joe Hindes, Joshua Allinson- Rutter, Hallie Becker and Francesca Edwards attended and did a fantastic job representing the viewpoints of our children.

Written by Libby Hughes

Assistant Head of Maths linked to Mrs. Ashraf.


Impact of the Oaky Voice to date with regards to homework

Staff Meeting notes:

  • All staff agreed with the children that Reading Homework through daily practice is a high priority
  • Rebrand ‘homework’ as ‘home learning’ taken from Josh Allinson-Rutter’s findings from Little Oakies and their Learning journals
  • Whole School approach to weekly Home Learning (for variety and fun as suggested by School Council) – Y1 to Y4. This involves taking the topic for the half term and setting a piece of homework based on the topic, following the following order:
    • Week 1 English
    • Week 2 Science
    • Week 3 PE
    • Week 4 Art/DT
    • Week 5 Maths
    • Week 6 Computing/Music
    • This order however may need to be adapted in readiness for the next half term depending on the special one off weeks such as Science week, as it seems silly to put Science in week 2 if Science week is week 4, for example. This can be reviewed at the end of every half term ready for the new term
  • UKS2 agreement. It was agreed amongst parents, staff and children that homework in UKS2 needs to be regular and consistent in order to meet the demands of the end of the key stage tests and high school:
    • Weekly reading and spelling
    • Weekly English/SPAG activity
    • Weekly maths activity from the CGP books
    • Past test papers when appropriate
  • Discussions about homework club are still on-going