Planning for the Future

This last School Council question of this year is: What has been the best thing about School Council Work this year?


As it is the end of the school year, our School Council want to review what has worked well this year and also to look at improves which can be made for the year ahead. We are constantly reviewing and improving our practice so that we can work better to be the voice of all of our children.

We will also be appointing new School Council members this term so for more information see Emma Lister (Head Girl) or Joe Hinds (Head Boy). If they are not available you can see Mrs Reilly.

How we Work

Our School Council, The Oaky Voice, is a group of children who represent the voice of all. Each of us is linked with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and it is within these different roles that we have a link adult with which we work closely with.


Top row (left to right): Mrs McIntosh, Assistant Head (Closing the Gap); Mrs Frank, Designated Senior Lead for Welfare & Safeguarding; Mr Cunningham, Headteacher; Mrs Reilly, Deputy Headteacher; Miss Jago, Assistant Head (English)

Bottom row (left to right): Miss Halliday, Closing the Gap Co-ordinator; Miss Ashraf, Assistant Head (maths); Miss Coates, Senior Assistant Head; Mrs Davie, Head of Early Years; Mrs Robionson; School Business Manager

School Council 2017-18

Responsibility within School Council Name Staff link
Head  Girl Caitlin Bold Mr Cunningham


Head Boy Blake Emery Mr Cunningham


Deputy Head Girl Grace Gamble Mrs Reilly & Miss Coates


Deputy Head Boy Owen Catelani Mrs Reilly & Miss Coates


Assistant Head Maths Libby H Miss Ashraf


Assistant Head English Freya Allen & Sid Williams (promoting boys’ writing) Miss Jago


Assistant Head Learning Behaviours Anna McLaughlin Mrs McIntosh
Assistant Head Attendance Darcie Swindells & Harry Woods Mrs Frank & Mrs Reilly


EYFS Head Kimberley Bremner Mrs Davie


Charity Link Evie Wellings Ms Halliday
House Points KS1 Jake Deakin & Ella Cunningham Mrs Horton


House Points LKS2 Ben Hughes & Connor Jackson  Mrs Reilly
House Points UKS2 Connor McCarthy & A.N.Other (see Mrs Reilly) Mr Cole


The Oaky Voice

Valuable Ocropped-oaky_news_sm.pngakies, Improving Children’s Education

The Oaky Voice is our School Council which represents the views of all our children. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and be an important part of the school community. The School Council responds to questions driven by the School Development Plan, this makes sure that children have an input into ideas for change in the school. They can propose and take forward ideas and projects on behalf of their peers, and be involved with Senior Leaders, in strategic planning and processes.

By having an Oaky School Council, children:

  • Enjoy and feel empowered by their education;
  • Feel that school responds to their needs and views;
  • Have the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them;
  • Have a say about decisions, and to play an active role in making their school a better place;
  • Develop active life skills through participation and leadership;
  • Actively participate in the British value of democracy.

School Council works because of:

TEAMWORK – We all have specific roles which means we work as a team

COMMUNICATION – Between children and children, and adults and children, good communication allows for good listening which enables everyone to be heard.

DEDICATION – Every School Council member is committed to the role – to be the voice of all.

LEADERSHIP – Developing the skills of leadership, allowing anyone to make a difference within school.

CHILDREN’S VOICE – School Council represent the voice of all children

SUPPORT – School Council are available, visible (through their gold and red ties)  and open to offer support to children across the whole school. They are the gateway to Senior Leaders and adults in school.

Special Projects Team

Mr Cunningham, has a separate Project Team who he is responsible for. This team is called upon in times of a one off event or project within the school year, for example, he Special Projects Team sell poppies leading up to Remembrance Sunday.