Our first half term’s work Autumn 2017

In September, we sent out a questionnaire to all of KS2 children and the results were very pleasing with a focus for us to improve on too. Our head girl, Caitlin Bold has written the following to report to you all on.

Our pupil questionnaires found out that…

Most children strongly agree with most questions (graphs below). However, there were two questions where we received a higher percentage ( 27% & 30%) of strongly disagree and disagree. Those questions were: ‘Pupils in this school behave well’ and ‘There is no bullying or racial abuse in my school.’ During our next Class Council meetings, we asked Members of School Council (MSCs) to ask thier classes what exactly was bothering them and we found out it was issues at lunchtime with too many children on the playground and this was causing behaviour to be an issue.

So we asked the question:

What is good about behaviour?


  • Breaks are lots of fun as there are less children on the playground
  • Friends in older years are friendly towards the younger pupils
  • The behaviour policy works well
  • Cool down areas work great
  • Mid-days are there if anything goes wrong at lunchtime
  • Fair consequences
  • Having the chance to help each other in lessons helps you make new friends
  • The Oaky 5
  • Class rewards are good
  • Special mentions makes us work hard and be nice to each other
  • Table and house points work well
  • Novel time is a great way to calm down after lunch
  • Class contracts help us to follow the rules


  • Be trusted to sort our own problems out
  • Year 3 & 4 have separate breaks to Year 5 & 6 at lunchtime like it is at break
  • Be reminded of the behaviour policy at lunchtime

So what will do?

  • Anti-bullying week has been built into the curriculum so that all children can learn about what bullying is and how they play their part in being kind, including cyber bullying
  • Assemblies planned in during anti-bullying week by teachers in each Key Stage
  • Trial Year 5 & 6 to come in from lunch 15 minutes earlier and have novel time, this means that there will be less children on the playground
  • Lunch times to be fixed for children going in for dinner so always year 5 first, then 6 followed by Years 3 then 4 so that it takes away pressure points on the playground
  • Spend money on more equipment for playground games and teachers to use PE sessions over a period of 2 weeks to teach the games and safe play at lunchtime
  • Mr Cunningham to speak to governors about staggering lunchtimes and the end of the school day to help with pressure points as we move to full 3 form entry
  • During class council meetings, see if children have any other ideas to improve lunchtimes so that children are on task and playing

The graphs of results from the questionnaires are as follows: